The World Is Begging To Be Organised

Firstly, its worth saying that I don’t feel that a list based post is inferior in comparison to a well written article, a list can be well written and just as informative as a content based article. The content is just that, a list of easy to digest content.

Here, in no particular order at all, are 6 reasons why bloggers, readers and content creators love lists, and why they work so well online… yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek! 🙂

Expected Content

A list is a list. Simple as that! The headline lets the prospective reader know exactly what to expect before they visit, which helps the conversion process in the first place.

Easy To Skim

People tend to skim read unless they are reading a book – reading on screen is quite difficult and users tend to pass over particularly large passages of text to get the gist. Lists are perfect in this sense, they’re naturally broken up into chunks. They’re easy on the eye.

Opinions Opinions Opinions

If you write a top 10 list that users can engage with, they’ll feel more invested in the content if they can form an opinion on what you’ve listed at the top – maybe even enough so to leave a comment or tweet at you to tell you that your opinion is wrong!


People like to organise things. Not just in the physical sense but also to help them decide on a purchase or to strike inspiration. Moreover, people like other people to organise things for them.

Education or Entertainment

Most lists fall in one of these two categories. Lists can help you smarten up, or to just have some fun in your lunch break. In both of these cases, list based content is relatively quick to digest and can smarten you up in a fairly fun manner!


If there’s percieved value – users will share it. People are strange, just remember that when you are writing a post about ‘top 10 dog breeds for blonde women’ there will be a market out there that reads, engages and shares this content. Smart bloggers target content to specific users.