Discover the Art of App Store Success: 5 Fundamental Tips for App Developers

App developers who are strategic in their approach to customer satisfaction and download supremacy are much more likely
to enjoy long-term success. Knowing how to develop an app is only the first step. If you want a long career as a software developer, you need to work on a multitude of skills. Remember these five app development tips, and you will increase your odds of software success.

1] Have a detailed marketing plan before you begin development. Your go-to-market strategy will influence the success/failure rate of your application. App developers cannot depend on app search engines like Google Play or iTunes for discovery; you must have a detailed ASO (app search optimization) plan if you want your download to be found.

2] Ratings are the lifeblood of successful app developers. A ratings strategy needs to be an integral part of your marketing plan. Know in advance how you plan to acquire customer reviews (referrals, social proof, etc.) and how you plan to optimize the positive reviews your app receives.

3] Competitive analysis is another important factor if you want to become a top-ranked mobile app developer. Understand your competitors’ keyword strategy and beat them at their own game. Low-level developers with mediocre ratings tend to stuff their app descriptions with every keyword offers. You’ll have much better luck if you optimize your app descriptions with phrases today’s app consumer uses (think voice search on Siri).

4] To increase your app discovery chances, participate in forums where your target users are present. If you’re spending your time on reddit/r/android and your target users are hanging out on YCombinator’s HackerNews, you reduce your chances of discovery. Be where your audience is if you hope to build an online reputation as a top app developer.

5] Distribution is a vital piece of the app success puzzle. Just as you need an app marketing plan, you also need an app distribution plan. Posting your app to a variety of discovery engines can improve your chances of moving up in iTunes or Google Play rankings. Submit your app to places like or to help potential users discover your app.

Remember these five vital tips, and your chances of becoming a successful app developer improve. With millions of apps competing for attention in app stores, it is the methodical maker who will garner the most attention. You need to outsmart your competitors if you hope to succeed as a mobile application developer.