5 Tips to Stay Safe on Social Media

In today’s digital era, everyone spends a large portion of their day browsing through various social media websites. Hackers, of course, are quick to hop on this train and set up their scamming traps wherever they can across social media channels. Avoid falling right into the hands of online scammers by following these easy tips below.

Strong Passwords

This goes without saying, but sometimes one needs a reminder. Create strong passwords and make it a point to update them on a regular basis. If possible, never use the same password for all of your online accounts, as when one account is compromised, so are the rest of your accounts.

Be Cautious of Who You Add

We’ve all been there before. We received friend requests from strangers and debated whether or not to add them, but since we’re all for bumping that “Friends” number count up, we accept all strangers’ request anyway – which shouldn’t be the case. Never accept friend requests from sketchy accounts as this could be a ruse to get access to your account, gather information about you, and use them against you.

Set Your Accounts to Private

If you’re someone who is particularly concerned about your online safety, the first thing you would want to do is set your social media accounts private. Keeping them private prevents people who are not in your circle from lurking on your accounts.

Be Wary of Links

While some links are legitimate, some links are deployed by scammers to target those who are careless when it comes to clicking links. Before you engage with links or download attached files, make sure that they come from a source whom you know and trust.

Be Careful with Add-ons

There are thousands of games in social media, and in some of them, as you’re playing the game, a pop-up prompts you to install add-ons. Be wary of these add-ons. Chances are these are some hacking programs made by third-party companies aiming to steal your personal and bank information.